Barber from Ukraine in Antwerp
Anastasiia Karpenko
4 times Ukrainian barber champion

Barber from Ukraine in Antwerp
4 times Ukrainian barber champion

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About me
Hello! My name is Anastasiia and I am a professional barber.
Over the 10 years of my career, I became a 4-time champion of my country in barbering, took part in a world championship, started my own school for beginner barbers, which I managed for the last 4 years and trained 320 barbers who successfully work all over the world. Men's haircuts and beard trims are my passion and I am very good at it.
What problems can I solve?
These are the most common challenges my clients face
  • You can't find your personal full image, which will include your lifestyle, physiological features of your face shape and hair growth

  • Your hairdresser gives you 15-30 minutes without understanding your wishes and cuts your hair and beard the way he is used to
  • You do not know how to take care of your hair, what styling products to use and how to apply them correctly
  • You do not get full service during the visit barbershop, you do not have time to drink coffee or a glass of whiskey, there is no time for a conversation, your master is in a hurry and tries to get rid of you as soon as possible
Examples of my work
it does not mean that you will get a haircut like the one in the pictures. I will definitely do a full analysis and find out your wishes
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
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How I work
We make an appointment and at the meeting we conduct a personal consultation

Acquaintance, in-depth interview, analysis of your lifestyle, characteristics of hair and beard, physiological structure of the head and face, I ask you a few questions, reveal your wishes. During our conversation I will treat you to coffe, beer or whisky

Working process
Based on the results of the analysis, and your wishes, we decide together, which type of haircut and beard will be applied. I determine what techniques and tools to do the work, what products to use and, if you are interested, I will explain my choice and each stage of the work.
Сreating a complete image and recommendations for home care
Depending on the type of hair and your daily tasks, I choose a styling product, apply it and do a full hair styling. Be sure, I will explain in detail to you how to care for your hair and beard at home, what products to use, and most importantly, I will teach you how to use these products correctly with your hands.
Final touches
After completing all the work, I will carry out a complete procedure for cleaning off the remnants of hair on your neck and clothes. After that, we will agree on a date for the next visit, if you are ready to schedule it.
My services
Haircut (60 min)
50 euro   40 euro
Beard trim (45 min)
40 euro  30 euro
Haircut+Beard trim (90 minutes)
80 euro  65 euro
Clipper haircut (30 minutes)
40 euro  25 euro
Clipper haircut+Beard trim (60 minutes)
70 euro  55 euro
Head shave + Beard trim (90 minutes)
80 euro 60 euro
Haircut + Hot towel shave (face) (90 minutes)
80 euro 65 euro
Hot towel shave (head or face) (60 minutes)
40 euro 35 euro
Hot towel shave (head and face) (90 minutes)
70 euro 65 euro
Hair wash and style (30 minutes)
30 euro 20 euro
Do you have any questions?
Add your contact information and I will call you back to discuss the details
mobile number
My contacts
Phone: +32 473 29 37 20
Riemstraat 33, 2000 Antwerp
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